BP International 15 OCT 2020


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ENTRANCE FREE Entrance for visitors is ALWAYS free!
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Hong Kong's No. 1 Jewelry & Watch Show


When I originally came to Hong Kong in 1999 I had a dream and a vision to promote watches and jewelry in a new and exciting market and as many of you may remember this was not an easy task in the beginning.
Many years ago I and a handful of dealers started this show here at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile. Long hours, hard work, money and incredible dedication was contributed by all involved and this combined with your support and loyalty have made this show a success as well as well-known throughout the World!
As of today, our monthly watch and jewelry shows in Hong Kong have been sold and will be merged with the shows organized by the Hong Kong Watch Guild Shows.
You can find out more about the new shows and the schedule at the Hong Kong Watch Guild Shows website.

I would sincerely like to thank you for your support over the many years passed in helping us make this show the success it is today and I hope you will be part of the new endeavors of in the future. Watch out at this space for our new projects outside of Hong Kong as they will be announced here first.

Thomas G. Milani